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Advanced technology
The state-of-the-art instrument helps our doctors provide the most effective patient care. The Clinic’s equipment park is equipped with a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool.

Patient care first of all

Thanks to the quality treatments and the beautiful environment, our clinic is already internationally known, so there is a growing number of patients from abroad, mainly from Romania, Serbia, England and Germany.

Available with the most flexible schedule

Doctors are trying to adapt their time to the patient’s needs. All the doctors working here have extensive experience and expertise – most of them clinician – in their own field of expertise and provide the institute, laboratory background if needed.


Bérkert Clinic Szeged

Our medical team is 17 and is constantly expanding.

  • +obstetrician gynecologist
  • +radiologist
  • +pediatrician and endocrinologist
  • +adult endocrinologist
  • +ophthalmologist
  • +adult cardiologist
  • +pediatric cardiologist
  • +internist
  • +urologist
  • +neurologist
  • +pediatric surgeon
  • +plastic surgeon
  • +adult specialist psychologist
  • +psychiatrist
  • +rheumatologist